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12ks of christmas 5k [Dec. 21st, 2009|07:53 am]
Seattle Runners


yesterday- i ran the 12k of christmas, the 5k version, i did it in 32.07- second best 5k for me this year- i hadnt run a race or ran more than a mile on the treadmill ( but i play soccer 3x a week)since the Torchlight 8k- which was 98 degress outside at 6 pm in seattle and i did that one in 55.01 Sorry to those who didnt like me singing to the GLEE sound track- you all can suck it I had fun, I ran with my sister who almost broke the 30 min mark for the first time at 30.27- and she has been running - like every day- crazy kid- It was a good race- a surprose gradual hill and then the gradual down hill- i only wish that i had also Ibeatjohncurley.com but he didnt race this one- next year john you are going down!