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Currahee! [Jan. 31st, 2010|08:47 pm]
Seattle Runners


Nerd alert.

Ever since first seeing Band of Brothers (if you haven't, shame on you, and go get your hands on a copy!!), I got inspired to run up a mountain the company in the show did (several times a day). I figured if I was ever in Toccoa, GA, I'd run it - it apparently rises about 800 vertical feet over 3 miles. The run is to the summit, then back down in under 50 minutes. I have a LOOOONG way to go to be able to do it in that amount of time, but would still like to have a goal.

That said, does anyone know the Seattle area topography well enough to know of a mountain that is similar in elevation/distance?

[User Picture]From: grocible
2010-02-01 06:24 am (UTC)
I forget the numbers, but Mt Si sounds about like that - except I think it has a higher vertical gain.
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