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Nerd alert.

Ever since first seeing Band of Brothers (if you haven't, shame on you, and go get your hands on a copy!!), I got inspired to run up a mountain the company in the show did (several times a day). I figured if I was ever in Toccoa, GA, I'd run it - it apparently rises about 800 vertical feet over 3 miles. The run is to the summit, then back down in under 50 minutes. I have a LOOOONG way to go to be able to do it in that amount of time, but would still like to have a goal.

That said, does anyone know the Seattle area topography well enough to know of a mountain that is similar in elevation/distance?

12ks of christmas 5k

yesterday- i ran the 12k of christmas, the 5k version, i did it in 32.07- second best 5k for me this year- i hadnt run a race or ran more than a mile on the treadmill ( but i play soccer 3x a week)since the Torchlight 8k- which was 98 degress outside at 6 pm in seattle and i did that one in 55.01 Sorry to those who didnt like me singing to the GLEE sound track- you all can suck it I had fun, I ran with my sister who almost broke the 30 min mark for the first time at 30.27- and she has been running - like every day- crazy kid- It was a good race- a surprose gradual hill and then the gradual down hill- i only wish that i had also Ibeatjohncurley.com but he didnt race this one- next year john you are going down!

Any upcoming races?

My husband and I just ran the 10k Dawg Dash yesterday, and I was thinking about maybe running another race in the next couple months. We're pretty new to races (We've only done the Dog Dash and the Torchlight Run), so I was wondering if any of you have a favourite run (or multiple runs). I'd love to hear about them, and I bet other Seattle Runners would too!

Seattle Rock and Roll

inaugural Rock and roll marathon and half- this morning in Seattle wa USA

Good luck to all those that trained hard

I will see you there next year- Soccer tournament calls for me this year

i will be at the torch light 8k- yelling at the walkers who think they can run 200 meters who got to the front and decided to take up the whole road-
because i am fat girl running and you should hear me coming ( just because i am signing along.... i swear!) and i WILL pass you
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Torchlight 8k -

I stumbled upon this today while trying to talk a co-worker into running this race -

If you register for this race on May 13th only - the registration fee is only $6!

Torchlight 8k

Six Dollars is a bargain for a fun race in July.
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howdee all...

If anyone is interested in doing spur of the moment type things, I'm hosting the West Seattle Fat Ass 50K this Sunday (because seriously, who wants to watch the cardinals and steelers anyway?)

... at this point I'm beyond my 25 runner 'limit' so I'm just throwing that out the window and basically saying 'if you're interested, you can run!'

It should be a grand ole time had by all, and even if it's not, at least it'll be free ;-)

More info here: http://wsfa50k.blogspot.com/

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Tacoma City

Okay, so it's not really Seattle, but has anyone had experience with the Tacoma City half marathon? It's on my list of planned runs, but have no idea what the terrain is like. Is it flat? Hilly?
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State Commissioner of Public Lands

For those of you that enjoying running on surfaces that are not man made please remember that along with all the other public offices up for bid tomorrow the position of State Commissioner of Public Lands is also on the ballot. I won't tell you how to vote but I will remind you of that buzz word everyone's been using all election season, "change."

****as much as I'm opposed to mixing politics with running, I see this particular position as having a direct impact on us as runners whether we enjoy the trails or have yet to discover them :-) ****
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Live Strong Challenge in Seattle

I don't usually venture into Lance Armstrong territory, but today while surfin' along I stumbled on to livestrong.org and saw that the next "Live Strong Challenge" (which I'm assuming will include a 5K like the Portland one did) will be here in Seattle come June 13th and 14th... it's far enough away where this post may seem silly but the site also states the registration will begin on 12/1... so if you're interested check out the link below...

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Dad + Xander

Ultrarunning magazine

I am trying to divest myself of stuff I don't use; this includes some back-issues of ultrarunning magazine. Some are a little worse for wear (some missing or torn covers; my kids are hard on anything not at least 5 feet off the ground) but I have:

Apr 2007 (torn cover)
May 2007
Jun 2007
Jul/Aug 2007
Sep 2007 (Scott Jurek HR100 cover)
Oct 2007
Nov 2007
Jan/Feb 2008
Mar 2008
Apr 2008
May/Jun 2008
Jul 2008 (no cover)
Aug 2008
Sep 2008

I'm in Magnolia if someone wants them. email me at
m d f 3 5 6 AT g m a i l DOT c o m